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“The Year of the Consultant”

My time is split between political/public clients and corporate/private. One of my private sector companies is a family-owned business, operating in multiple states.

Last fall, they had identified several areas of growth and opportunity across the business model. At a January planning meeting, talk turned to the year ahead and the new initiatives. “This really is the Year of t…

Copy and Paste

I won’t mention candidate names in this post, because they aren’t really relevant to the story, and if you read Quorum Report you know who I’m talking about anyway.  But I’m referring to four players who are running at present for Texas Legislature primary nominations.

East Texas Incumbent A has a local challenger B.  The incumbent’s team was doing some digging (as they should), and found…

The Lessons of Craig James

Fox Sports announced that Craig James, failed Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and one-time sports commentator, was fired recently due to anti-gay remarks made while on the campaign trail.  There are some interesting notes to take from the article and the situation for both consultants and candidates:

First, Fox Sports has admitted (at least internally) that they didn’t look closely…

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